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Social Society of Anthropological Post Human Studies



We are an independent social society situated within the monarchical collage of art, London. The SSAS, is committed to provide an egalitarian, international, adventurous and independent program within the social sciences and fine arts.  As the leading organisation supporting independent and critical thought for contemporary culture and visual arts, we emphasize a strong academic rigour and experimental mindset. We curate regular panel discussions, workshops and literary salons for our members and invited guests.  The SSAS is situated in the city centre of London, connecting historic facilities and the 21st Century spirit of the buzzing London Metropolis.





Cybernetics Today




Our recent cycle of online seminars, workshops and reading groups focuses on digital culture in particular: Human Lives at the intersection of technology. This exact framework is trying to understand and critically engage with contemporary condition and we aim as an institution to adapt to the Zeitgeist. This cycle, has been interrupted by COVID-19, which accelerated the existing emerging cultures into a new sphere.


With this in mind we are trying to capture the rapture of possible new beginning, and we as an institution try to be at the forefront of developing and adapting to the new futures




The Team