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>> here are the latest drops of @ana_vik


> clues have been dropped on amazon


> wow amazon the devil space


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>> here are the latest drops of @ana_vik


> clues have been dropped on amazon


> wow amazon the devil space


> where is the link?


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I can be a celebrity

Why should I not be a celebrity? Celebrity are the matter of the time Celebrities make us

The market makes us

The market

Why is there a market?

I don’t like fruits,

I only like vegetables

Is there a fish market?

Or an art market?

What kind of market are we talking about?

I’m confused.

This subject is so complex that I can not really evaluate the system



So what should I do?

Like the system that I;m part of,

That I should hate,

What should I do with it?

I;m not free,

But Tehcnaccly I;m free, I;m very free, I;m being sponsored by being free

By having a capital background,

My capital is about gaining connections

I get connections thought capital

Through standing for what I stand for

Lego world

What should I do>

This world is constructed,

There is no time for plasticity,

There is no liquid essence in this entite system,

Or is there?

Am I just ignoring it, because I actually like


capitalism, do I?

Can I even think out of the system, Because I need money to survive, Because I like cats

Well I actually hate cats, but I like clothes, Am I now superficial enough? Or not yet? Because I’m intellectual,

Because this is what makes you see the world different,

Look beyond,

Look beyond this place,

Hace a groth mind set, explore something new!

Because the word needs something new, We can not go on for this forever,

We cant even life forever,

Why Should I be sad, if I can be happy? Because the world is a sad place,

It will always be sad

But can I be sad and than also spread happiness?

Is it possible to cry and fight at once?


>> here are the latest drops of @ana_vik


> clues have been dropped on amazon


> wow amazon the devil space


> where is the link?


> here is the link

Why do I do this?

Because I need money,

I;m addicted to the system,

The system makes me addicted,

I enjoy the system at times,


It is like a high, I raise, I raise, I raise



I feel empty afterwards,

I just fill it with more stuff, with

more things, more musuems, more instellations.

The more I can get lost the better I feel,


I feel lost in instellation art,

in video art I feel lost,

it makes me lost,

I forget about time, I forget about me, I forget about everything,

Just what is there, the instellation, the emarsive experience,

So actually it is bad to do so but I enjoy \\\



it so much.

At one point is something is bad what you like,

At one point is something you like is bad,

At one point it is addiction,

Or is it just reflection,

If I think I;m only reflecting about myself,

Who are the others? Why ate the others not reflecting? Why am I not reflecting for the others?

Why do I feel so puzzled and confused


about this future about this world? Everything seems breakable,

I donlt get what it is all about,



exit through the gift shop

You are invited to purchase my product,

My product for capitalism,

If capitalism is the enemy? Who is my friend? If he is so bad, I guess he is a men, why is he so bad?

Can we get rid of him?

Where do we go?

I always wondered about a different place,

A place that is better?

I think it should be better!

Or is it not bad enough?

The system is rotten from the inside,

What system?

Why can I critic something? Because I;m privillaged.

Am I privillaged or am I not privillaged enough?


What is the purpose of the entire system? What is the purpose of life?

All I want is money,

Because I want to have fun,

Because I can’t have fun,

Mazlow told me it’s all about forfilling the self,

I am myself, so why should I get rid of the mylself?

Why should I deleted, when I can be a celebrity,


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