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Substack website, mixed media, collage, text, links


digital print, tryptic, each 841 x 594 mm, Edition of 30 + 3 AP


Lecture Performance


photography, gan software, Martin Schoeller Sample Archive


reading group workshop



Substack Website, mixed media



worldwideweb.iNews 00 A, so smart


worldwideweb.iNews 00 B, so smart



worldwideweb.iNews 0O B, so fash



worldwideweb.iNews 00 A, so fash


worldwideweb.iNews 00 B



worldwideweb.iNews 00 A



this is who we are, or not? (Visual Identity)




A/A Library



A/A Decks


standard definition single channel video, min, sound


sculpture, 1 Bench, 1 channel Audio, Stickers



Sculpture, 4 Chairs, 1 channel Audio 9.53 min , Printed Paper, 4 MP3 Players, headphone sets, chrome stand, stickers, hand writing


standard definition single channel video, 9.42min, sound


Mixed Media Installation, 20 Plastic Boxes, Performance Artefacts, 19.53min. ,  2 channel Audio


Mixed Media Website, Audio, Text, Multi Channel Videos



PDF document, 52 Pages, A4, landscape


Mixed Media Website, Multi Channel Video and Audio


Mixed media Website, links to audio files and written academic texts


Mixed Media Website, PDF Publications



netart, corporate Platform proposal


PDF Document, 66 Pages, 19:59 ratio


PDF document, 64 Pages, A4, landscape


platform online


On going Series of Paintings, acrylic, pencil, markers, photo-transfer, marks of performance by Ana Vik


24 multichannel video series, standard definition, one channel sound, marks of performance by Ana Vik


Mixed Media Website, marks of performance by Ana Vik






Netart, website, marks of performance by Ana Vik



netart, website, mixed media, marks of performance by Ana Vik


Long-durational live action role play  from 2017 - 2020, Mixed Media, fictional character @ana_vik,  marks of performance by Ana Vik


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