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A prototype for the

art making of the future


DIO is an answer not a question, and we believe in  the joy of art making and its possibilities for post-growth subjectivities. Read the full white paper now.


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Digital realism at the intersection of speculation.  The art world as a medium.






The urinal

a relic of  modernist thought,

now just stuff.


Contemporary Art


The term contemporary art refers in this paper to the production of artistic works within the legacy art world model of physical museum, galleries and collectors, where stuff making is central.


Decentralised Autonomous Organisations


“A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation is an organisation that is represented by a computer program (that is, the organisation runs according to the rules written in the program), is completely transparent, and has total shareholder control and no influence of the government”, Narayan Prusty (2017).




Subjectivity encapsulates the influences of perspectives, feelings, desires,  impressions, beliefs and agencies of actors including but not limited to groups, nature, individuals and animals. Subjectivities are inherently plastic and adaptable.



The DIO-Comrade is a membership scheme within dieinternet.org that grants access to the DIO-Token and therefore the right to navigate the allocation of proposals via quadratic voting. The Comrade Membership allows the participation within the group activities and media programs and exclusive access to archival material.



The DIO-Crew is a membership scheme within dieinternet.org that allows the proposition of projects with a provided grant and the formation and participation of the Squad. The Crew Membership scheme also allows participation within group activities and media programs and exclusive access to archival material.



The DIO-Hosts consist of three permanent Co-Hosts and one seasonal voted Co-Host. The Co-Hosts tasks are to moderate, create infrastructures and oversee the entire operations of dieinternet.org. It is possible to extend and become a permanent Co-Host via vote.



The DIO-Squad is a project based group formation that creates an artistic outcome within the project framework of Operation Oneroi, Project Pheme and Action Angelia. The projects created within the squad can be proposed by the DIO-Crew members and is voted by the DIO-Comrade Members.



The DIO-Token acts as a polling card within the governance and allocation of project funding within dieinternet.org. The Token is registered within the studio, and comes with the DIO-Comrade Membership and allows for the voting about which projects are funded. The token is non-fungible and activated via patreon.

Legacy Art World


The sum of the artistic field that relies on traditional forms of archiving, collecting and displaying of cultural production. It mainly relies on non-digital practices and distribution models.

Counter Economies


Counter economies are here understood within the field of art, in opposition to the current economic alignment of contemporary art and neoliberalism. Counter economies refer to the de-polarisation of power and capital within the field of art and propose an option to end artist poverty.




White Paper