• What is an information sculpture?

  • What is this project about?

  • How can someone be anti-capitalist but than work in the business?

  • If the internet is bad why are you on it?

  • Who is behind the website?

  • What can you do about the neoliberal condition?

  • How is DIO being monatised?

  • Can one experience truth?

  • What is about reality?

  • Will everyone die?

  • Hoe many people are involved with DIO?

  • What is the organisations unique ventage point?

  • Is this website using algorhytms?

  • How can I join the organisation?

  • What kind of artist are you?

  • Will DIO use behavioural surplus data models?

  • What should I do now?

  • Is technology bad?

  • Where is the cloud?

  • What happens if I download files from this website?

  • How do I report an issue?

  • What is the exchange and refund policy?

  • How can I reset a forgotten password?

  • How can I delete my personal data?

  • What is user centred design?

  • Does Anal sex hurt?

  • How do I pay tax?

  • Are you an religous organisation?

  • Is this a feminist website?

  • I have killed my brother what should I do now?

  • What is my IP?

  • What time is it?

  • How to register to vote?

  • What is bitcoin?

  • How to turn off automatic settings?

  • How to make slime?

  • What is water boarding?

  • How to loose belly fat fast?


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Project: Pheme




Project: Pheme

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