• What is dieinternet.org ?

    DIO is an Art Studio, exploring narratives of subjectivity, within the contemporary dynamics of information, founded in 2019.


    The Studio focuses on Artistic Research, Exhibitions and Interviews.

  • How are Projects funded?

    DIO is currently financed trough the design studio DIObusiness and public funding. DIObusiness is run separately and functions as a means to an end and not an end to itself.


    If you would like to financially contribute to our program please email info@dieinternet.org

  • Why are all Credits by Proxy?

    We reject the fetish of biographies and prefer to invent our own past and future as a studio and not as individuals.


    We don't seek to hide or enforce information asymmetry, hence we created the system of a proxy name chart and face generator to connect fantasy and accountability at the same time.