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DIO is an art studio, exploring the materiality of subjectivity, within the contemporary dynamics of information. The studio focuses on artistic research (Operation Oneroi), art making (Project Pheme) and media (Action Angelia).

What is dieinternet.org ?

DIO is an art studio exploring the materiality of subjectivity within contemporary dynamic networks. The studio's core practice lays within artistic research, installations and media. It was founded in 2019 by Ana Dzinic.


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Can I join dieinternet.org

We are always interested in adapting our practice and getting multiple voices involved. If you would like to propose a project or simply touch base, we are happy to hear from you. Please email us.


You can also join our discord server- just get in touch to gain access.


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How can I support the studio ?

You can support the studio and get a memebership account via our patron subscription model or donate to us via paypal.


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