* line of  blood


A long term, narrative and research position on the monetisation methodology of internet businesses and their impact on human subjectivity, political processes, and systemic world modelling. The piece, follows the fictional reality @ana_vik, a female artist like, digital native personality, e. The story, unfolds, in real time and under the contemporary conditions of internet platforms, analysing the systemic violence of information asymmetry and the extraction of human behaviour, through the perspective of a proxy.

Interfaces, the space between shareholder and stakeholder. The interface, designed to highlight and deny access, options and routes. The symbolic intersection between knowing and unknowing, human and post-human.  The interface and its subjectivity.


 Faire Du Shopping,lolz. [ 2018 - On Going ]


A Fictional Store, in a fictional world within real consequences.


 Apple, Apple, on the Tree, das Kind sitzt in der Chemie. [ 2018 ]


It all starts, with a nameless child, falling down the tree into the world of semiotics and information. The website, follows the character until the end of the page, the bottom of the interface, an environment where, all images are made out of a code. But what role is the nameless child taking?


[ Spiritual Souls, 2018 ]


no comment-just Nama-Slay. A series of narratives on self becoming and the exploration of the soul.

* line of coke

* line of structure




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