Operation Oneiroi [Artistic Research]: A Series of long term Artistic Research Investigations on Subjectivity within dynamic and digital Information flows. The following list of works are listed in chronological order and exist online, as pritned publications and physical exhibitions.


Cute Core, Kinder Whore. [forthcoming 2021]


Luna, Hannah and Alex are invited to take part in a panel discussion at the SSAPHA on the phenomena  cute. The three panellist who work within the fields of fine art, spiritual healing and fashion design as activism discuss their point of views. The panel is hosted by the narrator within the institutional program series Cybernetics Subjectivities Today by the Social Society in Anthropological Post-Human Studies.

It was long understood that in order to make it one has to fake it, this is why the platform worldwideweb.iNews has been created. Its mission is to understand and reveal fake images, in particular the case of a female artist figure @ana_vik, who uses various forms of social Media Platforms to gain capital, but at what cost? And is art just a psyop for right wing gain? Find out here.

Interfaces, the space between shareholder and stakeholder. The interface, designed to highlight and deny access, options and routes. The symbolic intersection between knowing and unknowing, human and post-human.  The interface and its subjectivity- the user experience and how do we see the unknown?

* line of  blood

* line of structure

* line of coke

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* line of action


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