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Project Pheme

Action Angelia


A Series of long term artistic research investigations.

  Dio, in the face of god: Homepage Vol.1

Dio stands for the initials of dieinternet.org and the Italian word for god - but what does it mean? Or rather what is the critical body of the future that understands the accidental mega structure, the complete semiotic meltdown between signs, subjectivity and criticality? How can we make fictional concepts real. A new method of art making for a new type of infrastructure and a new category of stakeholder economy. Dio, in the face of god is a blueprint for a new type of infrastructure trying to find answers and flexibility over more questions, a speculation for new type of art world.


A project by Emma Alvin, Ana Viktoria Dzinic and Mortiz Tibes.

worldwideweb.iNews 00A

It was long understood, that in order to make one has to fake it. This is the reason why the platform worldwideweb.iNews has been founded. It's mission is clear to expose fake images and reveal the truth to the general public. The first expose of worldwideweb.iNews is the case @ana_vik. An online proxy account using fictional low resolution images to create and manipulate realities, but at what cost and how?


A Project by Ana Viktoria Dzinic

  Cute Core, Kinder Whore. [forthcoming]

Luna, Hannah and Alex are invited to take part in a panel discussion at the SSAPHA on the phenomena  cute. The three panellist who work within the fields of fine art, spiritual healing and fashion design as activism discuss their point of views. The panel is hosted by the narrator within the institutional program series Cybernetics Subjectivities Today by the Social Society in Anthropological Post-Human Studies.


A Project by Emma Alvin and Ana Viktoria Dzinic

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