Operation Oneiroi: A Series of long term Artistic Research investigations in the field of Subjectivity and digital dynamic Information flows, following the routes of narratives, role-play and artist publications, distributed on site and off site, online and offline. The following list of online works are listed in chronological order.


Cute Core, Kinder Whore. [forthcoming 2021]


Luna, Hannah and Alex are invited to take part in a panel discussion and elaborate their relationship towards the phenomena cute. The three panellist who work within the fields of fine art, fashion design as activism and spiritual healing, discuss the phenomena, hosted by the narrator.

It was long understood, that in order to make it one has to built it. @ana_vik is an emerging artist trying to make a living, while accumulating student depths, paying exuberant housing prices and no signs of entering the network of the culture industry, if there was not the fetish of low resolution subjectivity within the digital sphere - the perfect loop hole for a digital performance beyond authenticity, it is about perception and selling out but to whom?

Interfaces, the space between shareholder and stakeholder. The interface, designed to highlight and deny access, options and routes. The symbolic intersection between knowing and unknowing, human and post-human.  The interface and its subjectivity- the user experience and how do we see the unknown?

It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism, we all heard it before and roll our eyes or smile but what else could we do to submit; or dare we say it: be counter cultural. An dreaming and facilitating a 21st century founding system beyond the naive believe.

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