Project Pheme [Aesthetics] A series of works centred around notions of Pleasure, Abstraction and Aesthetics- entering the world of cultural libido, material purity and/or non-sense art. The Works are sorted in chronological order.

why not? YOU NEED TO KNOW all about fashion, CHIC and BLOGGER LIFE in 2021. PURE fashion post-pseudo conceptual, no irony - pure JOY. pure AESTHETICS! pure CHIC!! pure COOL!!!! READ NOW! need for speed, better, faster, more.

Interfaces, the space between shareholder and stakeholder. The interface, designed to highlight and deny access, options and routes. The symbolic communication between knowing and unknowing, human and post-human.  The interface and its subjectivity- the user experience and how do we see the unknown? It is just a mix of symbols, no meaning.

Once, there was a tree, it was an apple tree, and down fell an apple, this apple fell through the universe, towards the downwards spiral, crazy, life is so exciting, isn't it? The void of being falling through.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the most virtues of them all? Is the reflection into the self a new position oh my gosh? Never Again, make me cry.

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