FIGURE 2: (shown there) Direct Quote, O-Ton, وفق الأصل

 FIGURE 1: (shown here)

 A Field, Une Champ, Ein Habitus

* cache of behavioural data

 FIGURE 3: (not shown)

 hidden agenda through abstraction






*** Поведенческие данные генерируются путем сбора клиентов взаимодействия с бизнесом {Google Переводчик,21 октября 2019 года }

the digital influencing machine

I’m confused. This subject is so complex that I can not really evaluate the system I feel overwhelmed by the entire complexity of life-I can not live like this, I can not even live forever, So I need to make my time worth living here, So what should I do? I'm not free, But Tehcnaccly I'm ?? I'm very free, I'm being sponsored by being free By having a capital background, My capital is about gaining connections. I get connections thought capital Through standing for what I stand for Lego world. What should I do? Maybe I even like capitalism, do I? Can I even think out of the system, because I need money to survive, Because I like cats. Well I actually hate cats, but I like clothes, Am I now superficial enough? Look beyond this place, Have a growth mind set, explore something new!

* * behavioural data is being generated through the collection of a costumers engagement with a business